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Jo Cox is an Oxfordshire based web designer specialising in custom WordPress development. She has over 15 years experience working with clients to craft bespoke websites that are responsive, easy to edit, and above all fit for purpose.

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  • make content updates
  • learn how to update core software and plugins
  • add further users
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Training is informal, and you can book as little as an hour.

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Web Design


We design every site from scratch, there are no off-the-shelf templates here. Each project starts with a thorough exploration of your brief, and we offer unlimited revisions so you can be assured you’ll get the exact look and feel you’re after.



WordPress is our specialism. We take either the custom design-work we’ve produced or the work supplied by your own graphic designer and build it into a fully functioning WordPress website that you can edit yourself going forward.



WooCommerce is the ultimate eCommerce toolkit for WordPress, with a myriad of add-ons to accomplish everything from basic stores to booking and subscription sites. We can implement WooCommerce in both new and existing WordPress websites.

WordPress Training


Whether you’re building your first website in WordPress or want support maintaining an existing site, a little training can go a long way. There’s no need to book a whole day – you can have just an hour of one-to-one time if that’s all you need.

Website Maintenance


Ad-hoc and ongoing support, with advice on all aspects of WordPress maintenance, from routine updates to security and larger changes. We charge maintenance in blocks of just 15 minutes, so you can get help with even the smallest of tasks.

WordPress Hosting


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Jo Cox


With over 200 website builds under our belt, we’re experts through experience. Each project starts with a blank page, we don’t use any pre-existing templates. We start by looking at exactly what you need your website to achieve, and then we work with you to get there. What our clients say sets us apart though is our ability to explain everything in a clear, concise manner and cut through the jargon.

  • Free quotations
  • Fixed fee pricing
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Training on handover
  • Jargon-free zone


What our customers say:

I would highly recommend Hut Six Digital for your website implementation. Jo has been fantastic to work with and has exceptional knowledge in her field. She is friendly, reliable and professional, which has resulted in our fantastic new website launch. Her training was clear and concise, and I know she will be on the end of the phone or email should I need her for a little refresh. She has enabled us to take full control of our new website, which was something other companies have been unable to offer. Excellent value for money too!

Christina Canning (SMS Alarms Ltd, Thatcham)

Jo has been personable and efficient in setting up my website. She did a great job of understanding what I wanted and providing guidance from her wealth of experience. She has explained things in a non-technical way and has been very responsive, patient and flexible in working with me. In short, Jo is great value for money and easy to work with.

Vanessa Rhone (Venus Works, Oxford)

Excellent, efficient service from Jo. Highly recommend.

Xan Rice (Journalist, Oxford)

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Lisa Bentley (Writer, Liverpool)

Jo has been amazing. Through 1-2-1 training sessions she has helped me to make significant improvements to my website functionality. This has not only been cost effective but it also has empowered me to use the skills that I have gained to edit my website myself in the future. She has simplified what I thought would be tricky tasks. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Felicity Wood (Yoga Instructor, Bicester)

Jo took my simple brief outline of what I wanted and turned it into everything I wanted and more. Jo was very professional, efficient and she was patient and understanding with the fact that I was not knowledgeable about building websites or what’s involved. By the end of it Jo had given me and my team a training session around how to manage the website. I would highly recommend her!

Sharon Mulholland (Sandcastle Mortgages, Kidlington)

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Imogen Goold (Blogger, Oxfordshire)

I wish I had found Jo earlier. We wanted to progress from making simple text edits to getting more out of the CMS. After a very enjoyable training session, we can now design new pages and keep the website organised. Excellent.

Margaret Hildreth (JP Hildreth Ltd, High Wycombe)
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